Why Brains Love Braincat

Braincat looks like a piece of software, but it’s actually a mental process. The software just makes the process easy to do.

The Braincat process allows you to take a mass of unsorted stuff — ideas and information — and quickly organize it. Then you can think clearly, and take action. 

What kind of information you put into Braincat, and how you use it, is entirely open. Here are just a few examples of how Braincat is being used by different people:

  • To write articles
  • To manage a non-profit 
  • To plan property rehabs
  • To design a magic trick
  • To process emotions
  • To prepare sermons

Quite a mixture!

Here’s why Briancat works so well, for so many different uses. Three natural functions of the brain come into play when we use Braincat: 

  1. Categorizing: Putting complex stuff into buckets
  2. Sequencing: Getting things in order
  3. Distilling: Boiling it all down to essentials 

Let’s take a closer look…

Categorizing: Create Your Buckets 

This is something we all do all the time, because the human brain is a pattern-seeking device. We’re constantly figuring out what belongs with what. We naturally group similar things or ideas together. Think of language. Words are buckets for holding huge amounts of detail. There are billions of feathery things flying around the planet,  the world, and we’ve captured all of them in one word, “bird”.  That’s categorizing — human data compression! Whenever you create your own mental buckets to place your thoughts in, you benefit from this powerful capability.

Sequencing: One Thing Leads to Another

Brains love stories. We’re always asking,  what happens next? That’s why news shows and TV dramas are so compelling.  You can sequence in many different ways. The simplest is sequence in time: one thing follows another. Or it can be priorities: A is more important than B. Or steps in a process: first do this, then that. Whenever you sequence your ideas and information, you immediately increase your mental control.

Distilling: The Ultimate Focus

Human brains like to grab hold of a single “big idea”. This is something brands, politicians, speech-makers and even philosophers understand very well. When you can condense everything you’re dealing with to one bold concept, you know you’re the master of your material. 

How to Program Yourself

Just because these three functions are natural doesn’t mean we use them well all the time. Braincat encourages us to be more deliberate about how we categorize, sequence and distill the mental stuff we’re dealing with. That’s how the process can help you think better. 

What’s important when you use Braincat isn’t what happens in the software: it’s what happens in your brain. You’re programming yourself. The categories you type on the screen get installed in your thinking. The sequence you choose becomes your own mental guide. The “Big idea” you create becomes a touchstone moving forward. 

Brains love Braincat because the process matches how brains actually work. That means, the more you use the software, the better you’ll think.

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