The Braincat Manifesto

Thought is destiny.

How we think about the world is how we act in the world. How we think about each other is how we relate to each other. How we think of ourselves is how we experience ourselves.

To think better is to live better. To live better is to think better.

Thinking is more than thinking. Thinking is feeling, caring, sensing, desiring, fearing, destroying, creating, and entrusting.

The mind is rooted in the body. The body is rooted in the world. There is no hard boundary between our thoughts and the planet that sustains us.

A mind that is frozen by anxiety, or rigid with habit, struggles to contribute.

A mind that is mobile, alert, peaceful, challenging and curious cannot help but contribute.

Disorder frees us to imagine unlimited possibilities. Order empowers us to take action. Inspired thinking engages the dance of order and disorder.

No mind is an island. Human being is social being: we belong to an internet of minds, woven together by language and culture.

Each of us is born into a field of thought. We can fall asleep in the field, or we can activate new movement. This is a choice.

Expanding the mind means expanding our connections. True listening is speaking. True speaking is listening.

Human beings use tools. Without tools, we are not fully human. Our tools can nurture the world and they can destroy the world. To live well, we must choose our tools wisely.

A good tool for thinking is one that expands the mind, enriches our connections, sharpens our discernment, welcomes disorder, and enables order.

Braincat is a thinking tool. Its purpose is to raise the quality of thinking worldwide.

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