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Braincat is the note-organization software that turns random notes into actionable plans.

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“It’s just magic.”

Felicitas Lind



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“A game changer”

Bianca Elliott

From Chaos to Clarity!

Braincat is the digital tool that unlocks this powerfully simple thinking process:

Step 1


Pour everything in, just as it comes

Step 2


Quickly sort and sequence your ideas

Step 3


Display and share with others

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Rev. Tony Franklin

“Braincat takes my jumbled thoughts and helps me achieve the laser-focus I need to communicate well throughout my work week.”

Rev. Tony Franklin

So Many Notes, So Little Time!

Taking notes is one of the keys to productivity. Think about where you take notes right now…

  • In meetings
  • Doing research
  • Capturing your ideas
  • Studying
  • Planning

Wherever you do it, note-taking is the skill that your success depends on.

Note Overload? Here’s the Answer!

Those of us who take lots of notes run into a problem. We have more notes than we know how to use!

The challenge is turning this great stuff into a usable plan — for writing, organizing, decision-making, or whatever the need may be.

Braincat is the solution.

Braincat invites you to capture your notes in any order. Then it helps you sort them into an outline or simple mind map. And you can download the output for use in other applications.

Braincat is fast, fun and effective. Never let your notes go to waste again. Take notes with Braincat!

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“I finally have a place to collect and categorize ideas, insights, etc. I’ve tried many different apps and ways to keep up with info, and Braincat is the only one that works for me!”

Letitia Stones

Letitia Stones

Mind Mapping… Reversed!

Conventional mind mapping is a great tool for visualizing ideas. But it assumes you know your starting point.

Braincat assumes nothing. It begins where you are, with a mass of unsorted ideas and data.

Then it quickly reveals the hidden essentials in a simple, editable mind map.

Note-Taking for Action

It’s easy to take pages of notes… but what do you do with them later?

Braincat lets you enter your notes randomly, just as they come. Then it quickly helps you organize and simplify them.

Now you can turn your notes into actions.

The Power of Questions

Questions open the mind.

Braincat presents you with fun and challenging questions to ignite your creativity.

There are questions to get you started when you’re stuck, to help you make decisions, to plan your writing, and more.


Our goal is to share the Braincat process with as many people as possible, so we’ve kept our prices low.

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Jon Ward

About Braincat

Braincat was created by Jon Ward to help people think better. He says about the program:

“There are many great note-taking apps to choose from, and they each have their strengths. All of them leave you with one challenge: how to make your notes usable for planning and action. The more notes you accumulate, the bigger this challenge becomes.

This is part of a larger problem that everyone is facing today: information overload. Digital technology puts so much information at our fingertips, our brains get overwhelmed. The human brain can process and store a huge amount of data, but there’s a catch. It’s called the working memory. This is the part of your brain you use for thinking, perceiving, deciding and acting. The working memory is a bottleneck. No matter how smart you are, you can only hold 4 or 5 pieces of data in mind at the same time. All the rest has to be pushed out of view so you can focus.

What does this mean practically, if you want to take better notes? You could try taking less notes, but that’s a risky strategy. You might miss something important. You could try scanning through all your notes and selecting the most important ones. But that kind of scanning is also risky. It’s easy to miss things, and what’s unimportant today may become important tomorrow.

The best solution is distillation. You want to condense your notes so that you capture ALL the essential ideas from ALL your notes in the shortest form possible. That will relax your working memory without losing valuable material.

Braincat is the tool for distilling your notes. That’s what makes it unusual as note-taking software. Braincat activates a “many-to-one” thinking process that helps you get to essentials. And it’s surprisingly fast. Your brain is built to quickly see patterns in large amounts of data. Braincat switches on this natural capability, turning a mass of notes into a handful of powerful headings. Now you can think, and plan, and take action. Getting from notes to action fast is what makes Braincat the best tool for note taking you can find. Enjoy!”

Jon is a writer, editor and brand consultant. He is a Strategic Consultant to Calroy Health Sciences and an Adjunct Consultant to the Sheffield Group. He is editor of the recently published book MC24, by design thinker Bruce Mau.

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