Braincat on Indiegogo: Press Release

For Immediate Release

Braincat launches Indiegogo Campaign that includes NFTs as perks

Phil Ranta joins company as NFT advisor

Contact: Scott Kelly, scott@blackdogventurepartners.com 480-206-3435


Tempe, Arizona May 2, 2022 – Braincat, which provides patent-pending software to organize and share ideas, is launching a crowdfunding campaign with IndieGoGo that will include NFTs as perks for backers.

Phil Ranta has joined Braincat as NFT Advisor. He is the CEO at Wormhole Labs, a technology company that built a platform for user-generated metaverses. As Facebook’s Head of Gaming Creators, North America, Ranta achieved over 5x departmental growth in his first year, signing exclusive streaming contracts with DisguisedToast, Corinna Kopf, and UFC / WWE superstar Ronda Rousey. Ranta also built two of the largest creator networks in the world as COO at Studio71 and VP, Networks at Fullscreen.

Ranta said about the Braincat launch: “I’m excited about NFTs that are linked to real value. Braincat totally meets this criterion because it gives people an easy way to tame the mass of ideas and information in their lives.”

Perks Packed with Value

Braincat transforms any amount of unstructured information into an outline, mind map, spreadsheet, or flip cards. Founder Jon Ward said: “The human working memory can only hold about 4 things in mind at once. Braincat simplifies large volumes of data, clearing your head to think, write, learn, plan, or make decisions.”

Perks for backers of the IndieGoGo campaign will include Annual or Lifetime Braincat accounts, effectively at a discount exceeding 50%. Backers can choose to allocate their Lifetime accounts to the Braincat Scholarship Program, for giving away to individuals with financial challenges.

Braincat’s Strategic Advisor Scott Kelly, founder of Black Dog Venture Partners, said: “The Braincat perks deliver enormous value. Our NFTs add a level of sheer fun to the program, and with Phil Ranta’s expertise we’re confident of a massively successful launch.”

Learn more and contribute to the campaign at https://igg.me/at/braincat

About Braincat

Braincat is a web-based software tool for brainstorming, writing, learning, and creative collaboration. The Braincat “reverse mind-mapping” process quickly reduces a mass of disorganized ideas and information to a few key essentials. This frees the mind from cognitive overload and leads to mental mastery of the material. The result is better thinking, learning, collaboration, and creativity. Braincat is intuitively designed and easy to use, with many optional features to accelerate productivity. This new software tool is ideal for writers, educators, consultants, executives, marketers, and more. Learn more at braincat.com. Follow Braincat at Linkedin and Twitter.

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