Braincat for Students

Learn faster. Write better. Score higher.

Braincat is a powerful tool for every student. Here’s what to expect:

  • Organize your notes and ideas fast
  • Quickly master complex information
  • Create instant outlines for easier writing
  • Reliably recall concepts and details
  • Score higher in tests and exams

The core Braincat process helps you understand and remember any kind of material.


These extra tools make your studies easier and more fun:


Gives you questions to prompt new ideas


Turns text into phrases you can organize

Flash Cards

Helps you memorize key ideas*


Lets you share your project with other students*

*These new features are in development and will be released soon.

To learn more about Braincat, watch this video we made for a group of students:

Schools and Colleges!

Let’s talk about providing your students with Braincat at a discount.
Email braincat@thebraincat.com or call 833.387.6433

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